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  Xi De Bao Medical ultrasound disinfection coupling gel has passed full assessment of disinfectant performance performed by Disinfection Test Center of Academy of Military Medical Sciences (a national disinfection adjudication laboratory) and passed full assessment of coupling agent performance performed by evaluation laboratory of Beijing Center for Medical Device Quality Supervision and Testing of State Food and Drug Administration (a national certification authority of State FDA). Both acoustic performance and disinfection performance meet relevant standard requirements. Through concentrating on study for 6 year, formulations of disinfection coupling agent included in this product completely avoid disturbance of incompatibility between current chemical disinfectants and coupling matrix, eliminate people’s concern about damage of probe and irritation of skin and mucosa induced by application of chemical disinfection coupling agent. Based on results of clinical use in the General Hospital of People’s Liberation Army (301 hospital), Beijing You An Hospital, and the Capital Institute of Pediatrics, acoustic performance and disinfection effects have been well-reputed consistently by physicians and patients.